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09 Dec 2019

Why UK Is The Best Country For Business Registration

No wonder a large number of businessmen want to register a company in the UK. What are the benefits of registering a company in the UK?

Take a look at the main benefits of registering a company in the UK:

  • High level of economic development;
  • political and social stability of the United Kingdom;
  • relatively inexpensive servicing of British companies;
  • asset safety and minimization of risks;
  • prestigious British jurisdiction and established trade relations, which ensure the entry of UK registered companies into the financial market of Europe and the USA. 

In addition, Great Britain provides the lowest tax rate in Europe. As you can see, Great Britain is a perfect springboard for international expansion. So, who exactly needs to think about registering a company in the UK?

1. Registration of a startup in the UK

According to the data, more than 39 percent of all European startup companies are registered in the UK. What is the reason for that? Because it is all about quick company registration and opening a British account, low-cost maintenance, and simple accountability. By the way, accountability is required only after a year and a half after the company is registered in the UK.

2. Registration of an IT company in the UK

Registering a company in the UK is beneficial for many businessmen involved in software development - for example, applications for iOS and Android. Businessmen are attracted by the laws of Great Britain, the opportunity to enter the local market, the reliable legal system and the protection of the intellectual rights of companies registered in the UK. On top of that, entrepreneurs receive support from the government at all stages of business development.

3. Registration of trading and agency companies in the UK

The UK has a high level of protection of investor rights and the ease of conducting international trade. A company in the UK can also benefit from the protection of the British judiciary. Company registration in the UK facilitates communication with European partners. Great Britain became an attractive country for the registration of holding companies in the UK thanks to the understandable and clear taxation, as well as tax benefits for holdings.

Thus, registering a company in the UK is a guaranteed working solution for your business. A company in the UK combines many advantages and will give your business the reputation it needs today.

Launching a company in Great Britain may seem like a complicated and costly process, but we can prove this wrong.

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