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Strategic Business Solutions Boutique cares about its reputation and strictly observes the rules of professional ethics and standards of confidentiality. We recognize the importance of protecting the personal data of users and take all necessary steps to protect the information.
The activities of SBSB fully conform with EU legislation norms and the norms of progressive international law in the field of information protection, private life and Internet users. SBSB operates in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Law 1998 and the Privacy of Electronic Communications (Directive of EU) 2003 and other international standards.

SBSB keeps secure all the information provided by its website visitors. Such information is used by SBSB for orders processing and adaptation of visits to the site and the subsequent receipt of the updated information. The resulting information will not be shared with third parties. SBSB shall obtain the warrant from the owner of the information for transferring of such data to any third party. SBSB uses filters to prevent the users from the spurious email messages (spam). These measures and methods, which involve the protection of information about our customers, allow SBSB to ensure a high level of confidentiality of customer’s information.

Customer data is protected on the SBSB website and also protected when transferred to SBSB managers.
SBSB guarantees its customers the use of personal information solely within the services provided. All of our actual and potential customers get a high level of privacy.

By submitting the personal information to the managers of SBSB, our customers confirm their consent to its processing. Submitted data is protected in our automated information systems and personal data files. SBSB follows the laws about information gathering and will not accept data from forbidden sources. In processing, customer’s data is recorded, accumulated, stored, adapted, updated, modified, used, transferred to third parties providing the services with the category of personal data, depersonalized and destroyed in accordance with the Data Protection Law.

The client's permission applies to all personal data provided to SBSB, providing the access under query. SBSB guarantees the fulfillment of the personal data processing sequence established in accordance with legislation. All of our employees take actions that ensure the protection of client information from unauthorized access, misuse, distortion and loss. We offer the partial or full right of personal data processing by the other parties to a relationship and allow the spread of personal data or the opening of access to them by the third parties only in the cases as required by the Law.

When the banking institutions or government agencies request for information SBSB is always on the client’s side and protects his interests not disclosing any information about him within the law.

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